• Sensing
  • MUX & DeMUX
    MUX & DeMUX
  • BioPhotonics
  • Fiber Sensing
    Fiber Sensing
  • Data & Telecom
    Data & Telecom
  • PON Remote Access
    PON Remote Access

BRIGHT Photonics is a design house for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) in Silicon, III-V, SiN, Silica and Polymers. With our partners we make PICs accessible to businesses, research institutes and universities.


  • Sensing
  • Data & telecom
  • Microwave photonics
  • Bio Photonics


  • Translate applications into Photonic ICs
  • PIC technology comparison
  • Mask design
  • MPW and custom foundry
  • PDK for foundries
  • Prototyping


  • SOI, Silicon photonics
  • InP / III-V photonics
  • SiN / TripleX
  • SiO2 / PLC
  • Polymer

Contact BRIGHT Photonics for understanding what PICs can do for your product and/or research.

Visit Nazca-Design website. Nazca-Design is an open source photonic IC design framework.


Join us at the 6th International Symposium for Optical Interconnect in Data Centres, ECOC 2018, Rome, Italy, 26 September 2018. Bright Photonics will present PIC design innovation with Nazca.

Bright Photonics and Nazca Design are the winners of the PIC Hero Award 2018. Thank you for voting for us!

Bright Photonics item in RTLz. The item shows applications of photonic integrated circuits and how open innovation makes designing PICs more accessible.