Insights from European CEOs

EPIC interviews Bright Photonics CEO, Ronald Broeke, about his vision and his advice to young aspiring entrepreneurs. Click here to read the complete interview.

BRIGHT & Nazca won the PIC Hero Award!

BRIGHT Photonics and Nazca Design are the winners of the PIC Hero Award 2018. Thank you for your votes!

In 2017 BRIGHT launched “NAZCA Design”. A state-of-the art free and open source PIC design tool for mask layout and more. It highly stimulates open access and open innovation for commercial and research projects. NAZCA turns out to be a game changer. While sharing PIC design for free with the community, the core business of BRIGHT Photonics remains quality driven commercial product development support for PIC based applications.

The new frontier in cancer diagnostics

"Current OCT systems are large, bulky, and expensive, what has prevented a breakthrough in other application fields. Photonic integrated circuit technology is a key enabler in facilitating the development of OCT systems for hand-held applications." It is very rewarding to see that our Bright Photonics designs work together with LioniX International and their technology drives innovation in cancer research. For more details check the Photonics News.

Integrated Photonics in RTLz Smart City

Photonic ICs were featured on Dutch TV in RTLz “Doe Maar Duurzaam”. The item showed applications and how open innovation makes designing PICs more accessible with

Bright Photonics item in RTLz

A journey into space!

"Technobis Fibre Technologies, a part of the Technobis Group, of Alkmaar, the Netherlands, has been developing and collaborating in aerospace projects for years. Technobis Fibre currently does so using photonic integrated circuits, which combine many optical elements into one chip and allow modulation and detection of light." Bright Photonics, who designed the chips for Technobis is proud to be part of this journey into space!


Sensing machine health and more

Technobis shares the story of replacing large, heavy, expensive and power-hungry systems for vehicle health monitoring with photonic integrated circuits. Smaller and lighter, their products also became thousands of times more accurate. Being responsible for the chips design, we are very happy with Technobis success!


Towards the New Generation Networks

To cope with the growing capacity and coverage demand for wireless services the EU-COMANDER project has proposed a Next Generation Network that merges the optical and wireless infrastructures.
A key component thereof is a Remote Access Unit, designed as a photonic integrated chip by Bright Photonics BV. For more details check PIC Magazine.

Minimal Invasive Surgery

OptiGrip, a sensitive instrument for performing minimally-invasive surgery, is one of the first medical instruments in the world using integrated photonics.  "It controls the handling of the tissue in case the surgeon would mistakenly apply too much force on the tissue; the force will be optimized unnoticed by the surgeon to guarantee safety in all situations." We consider ourselves extremely lucky to design photonic chips for such an innovative product!